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All the illustrated books of Doudou-edition in print or digital version.
All Doudou-edition illustrated books in print or digital version.
Discover independent books but also series by author / illustrator Pluquin Stéphanie.
As an author, I especially love writing for children! They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration! Tackling subjects that touch them from near or far is for me a mission that I take to heart!
With Loustik : your children will enter the mind of a playful, playful, curious and fearful dog and live his daily life adventures with him!
Humor and emotions guaranteed on every page!
With Loula the firefly : your children will learn about bullying but also become aware of empathy, compassion and mutual assistance.
But also development personal, courage and believe in yourself.
The chanting umbrella is a discovery of poetry through a story full of tenderness!
As for Anito , who takes children towards ecology and respect for their place of life, he is an endearing donkey that all children would like to meet!
Pitou the extra-terrestrial 's mission is to visit the earth and get to know the different species that inhabit this fabulous planet in order to establish a census ... Adventures on every page!

Other books are in the process of being produced or published, so come back to see what's new!