DoudouEditions : Résumés et extraits des Livres

1- Loula, the firefly that does not shine!

Loula is a kind and helpful firefly with a disability: she doesn't shine!
Shunned by her classmates, suffering school bullying, she goes into isolation. Deserting school, staying away from all community life so important to everyone. She no longer finds pleasure in being around others and prefers to be alone, at least no one laughs at her…

Her sadness leads her into deep boredom, a disarray into which she gradually sinks until the day she discovers a talent, a gift that she will develop.
She will make her gift a strength, a reward for her mishap. By taming her talent, she gives gifts to her friend Alia, her only friend, to her mother who supports her and to her mistress. This latest surprise by this unusual talent will gradually push her to return to school and give her a prime place in her community.

But what talent does Loula have? It's up to you to find out!

2- The Adventures of Loustik!
A puppy takes up a pen to tell his daily life with humor!
4 volumes available

"Extract from Volume 1": I have just left my cozy little nest where I grew up so far ... Here I am out of a warm and comfortable place, my mom's belly, to be born into this world where I have everything to discover ...
I'm a little cold, I'm scared, but I'm always warm on a thick, soft blanket and I can still hear mom's heart, since I'm all against her, I feel the warmth of my brothers and sisters and we are all peacefully installed against each other, it's reassuring not to be alone.
Just like me, they utter little cries and moan, we all discover our voices together, feeling alive is an incredible sensation! During the first few days my life is made up of feedings and naps, it is so tiring to live, the slightest effort I make to move wears me out, I crawl on the blanket, I feel my paws well, I could m 'use it but for the moment it's too difficult… (...)

3-"Extract: The singing umbrella!

Most of the time,
I'm in the closet,
It's not too dark there
I am well surrounded,
Boots, shoes and oilskin,
Slippers, bag and skipping rope,
On the carpet I can drip off,
When the household wakes up,
Let everyone have their breakfast,
Brioche, cereals and glass of milk,
Me, I'm waiting for the shutters to open,
I strain my ears to the window,
Hope to hear a storm,
When the wind whistles like a trumpet,
I'll take the escampette's powder

4- "Extract Anito the green donkey!"

A village called "Bonheur" is threatened with losing its name, its identity if new families do not come to settle there. Helped by his constituents, the Mayor leaves a call for candidates to bring in families. He receives many proposals. Families concerned with the well-being of their children, raising them in a rural setting where everyone's values ​​are important.

Among them, a family like no other settles down. That of Anito, a donkey that will change everything!

Chapter 2: The Herald of New Life!

Summer takes place in a climate of renewal. The announcements are made to enlarge the community and to the astonishment of the people of Bonheur, there are many applications to come and share the life of this community where a climate of tranquility and good life reigns. With only ten houses available but more than fifty applications from people wishing to change their lives, the people of Bonheur meet to, initially, sort out those wishing to come and settle in the village. br> They therefore go through the files, taking care to look at the professions exercised by these pretenders to Happiness. Indeed, their choice must be judicious and strategic in order to bring a real plus to their small village which lacks certain professions that they lack.
Doctor, herbalist, farmer, breeder, pastry chef, but also school teacher, nurse, librarian ...
As long as we have to sort things out, everything must be done to improve the village and the life that results from it…

In another region, Louis, horse breeder and Inès, registered nurse, parents of two children: Léon 7 years old and Augustine 5 years old and adoptive parent of Anito: their 3 year old donkey, just recovered before he left for the slaughterhouse, also received the magic phone call!
Louis worked for years for a boss, he learned all the tricks of the trade, saw every aspect of it and now dreams of having his own farm. Inès, she wants to provide a better environment for children, to have happy days surrounded by all the blond heads she can find! Children's laughter is a favorite medicine, happy when a happy little kid plays, laughs and runs around the house!
The fact that a school will be created makes him smile. Keeping a village from slowly dying out made her want to take the plunge and finally see her husband thriving in his work. The mere thought that her children will be able to grow up in a place where they can play freely, forget the noise of the city, of cars and of their horns, gave her heart a balm. Forget the noisy neighbors, the large shopping malls constantly crowded with people, the parents of the children she babysits who are always in a hurry and late and who no longer even have the politeness to say a simple hello to her in the morning while dropping their tickets. children like grocery packages left in the hallway of an empty house. Of course, leaving her “little cabbages” as she calls them will be difficult, but it's time to think a little about them, about their well-being and for once, being a little selfish does them good! …

Louis, Inès, their children and Anito also arrive to settle in their new home!

5- Pitou and his magic seeds!

Pitou is a kind alien who is given the delicate mission of going to earth to list the species and find out if they are dangerous for his people who reside on the planet Fantasy, so he sets out to conquer space. and earth. He lands in Africa where his adventure will lead him to meet strange species: elephants, rhinos, monkeys, giraffes… and men!

Indeed, he will meet an African tribe whose chief is called Shouda. His son Atouba will be curious about Pitou and will accompany him to help him on his journey…

A beautiful friendship will bind them little by little. Both discovering their friend's customs, there will be no shortage of adventures to enrich their respective lives…