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Why Mascottissime?
Author and illustrator of children's books, bringing my characters to life has become essential for me.
Newly registered with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts as a textile designer since 2020, the possibility of creating them is given to me and I did not intend to deprive myself of it!
The idea to germinate for many months before THE good idea finally takes pride of place in my desire to achieve my heroes!
I wanted to create something unique and particular, apart from the cuddly toys and traditional cuddly toys, I imagined two things: "a professional mascot" and "a family mascot" which could be passed on from generation to generation but also and above all. the idea of ​​creating a "family mascot" with textiles used by family members!
1- The professional mascot:
- I suggest you create "Your professional mascot! * As an artist, designer, commercial sign ... You have opted for a" logo-mascot "to be quickly identifiable by your customers. The mascot is highlighted for your marketing, promotion ... And why not bring it to life? This is exactly what I offer by making it for you! Your mascot will follow you everywhere: exhibitions, fairs, markets ... It can become a raffle gift , contests, customer loyalty .... Anything is possible, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail to let me know your "mascot" wish, response within 48 hours.
My idea is therefore also an ecological approach, how?
I explain it to you here:

I'll explain it to you here:
I suggest you create "Your Family Mascot" by sending me fabrics, fabrics, old stuffed animals ... that you and your children no longer use or worse that you will throw in the trash!
You send me your package, what is usable is sewn to create your "mascot", what is too damaged is cut into pieces to be used for padding your mascot!
What to personalize this decorative object and make it look like you 100%!
The Mascottissimes are "modern collectible bears", they are unique decorative objects, numbered and delivered with a Certificate of Authentication!

They are created as follows:
I use different fabrics: minky, faux fur, cotton, terry cloth, velvet ... if possible oeko-tex,
and stuffs his creations in various ways:
- padding wadding,
- cellulose,
- plastic or polystyrene balls,
- fabric scraps,
- fruit stones ...
* weighing down the collector's bear is essential to provide it with good support and to ensure that children do not turn it into a soft toy to play on.
I remind you that the mascots are collectible decorative items and not toys.
Here's how to do it:
1- you choose the model you like on the site,
2- you send me an e-mail with your choice, I will answer you and issue your quote that you must accept by paying 50% of the total requested.
3- you send me your fabrics ... The price of your shipped package will of course be deducted from the final amount of your order!
So you are also rewarded for your ecological gesture for the planet!
4- I start the realization of your Family Mascotism by sending you by e-mail photos of the realization in progress.
** Please note that collectible bears are made entirely by hand, so you have to be patient for the realization and allow between 15 and 30 days approximately.
5- You pay the rest of your order and I ship it to you within 5 working days.
6- Ideally you leave a comment on the site or send me a photo of your mascot in family for the Blog!
Caring for your Mascottissime, numbered collection bear:
The "Mascottissimes": Unique collection bears from Doudou-éditions are therefore not machine washable like any good self-respecting collection bear!
Here are the tips for taking care of them and giving them a long and beautiful life in your home!
How to take care of your collectible bear?
- To clean your Collection Bear safely without damaging it, three solutions to wash your Bear without water!
1- Aspirate it with a special nozzle at a gentle suction speed, you should not weaken the hand-made seams and even less suck an eye for example!
2- Use baking soda! Baking soda is on the rise now for home maintenance. This domestic product has the advantage of being also food.
No risk, therefore, if a few grains remain in the folds of the collector's bear.
How to do ? Generously sprinkle baking soda powder on the stained blanket or lint to be cleaned. Enclose everything in a fabric bag.
Leave the plush in the bag for several hours, stirring occasionally (minimum 6 hours recommended).
After a few hours, take the bear out of the bag and dust off the powder residue using a soft cloth for example, by tapping it lightly ...
There you go, your bear is deodorized. Any fat stains are gone!
This method leaves no odor on your beloved bear!
3- Starch to clean a soft toy!
Starch is still underused in cleaning delicate fabrics. However, it has a strong cleaning power.
It is particularly effective in particular on blood stains, fruit ...
You can buy or use cornflour. You can also make your own starch at home! **
Starch in fact forms a protective film on the fibers that prevents dirt from depositing in the fabrics. Even the most delicate!
Simply dampen the powder very lightly and rub the stain with this paste. Allow to air dry.
Once the dough is dry, all you have to do is rub or scrape it to make it go away. And here is a Bear like new!
** Here's how to make your own starch:
1 - Potato starch recipe
Dissolve 125 g of potato starch in 1/2 liter of water.
Heat until you obtain a liquid jelly.
Dissolve this jelly in 10 liters of water.
- Or grate a large amount of potatoes, place them in a colander.
Let the liquid drain into a bowl, pressing down with the rounded side of a spoon to drain completely.
Gently rock the bowl to discard the water to keep only the thick liquid on the bottom.
Then, roll out the dough on a tray and allow to air dry to obtain a whitish powder: dry starch.
2 - Rice starch recipe
Keep the rice cooking water, then heat until you get a liquid jelly.
Dissolve this jelly in 10 liters of water.
Pour it into a spray bottle. Shake, then spray on clothing or fabric.
3 - Cornstarch recipe
Quickly make starch with cornflour!
Pour 3 tablespoons of cornstarch in a liter of water.
Stir well. Then spray on the garment or fabric.
4- Is your "Bear" still looking gray or is the stain still resisting? What to do ? Use dry Marseille soap.
Here is a last tip that can still prevent your doudou from having a deep dip in the machine. And especially the hours of drying with a clothespin in each ear…
Take a 100% Marseille soap. Moisten a corner of the bar very lightly. Then rub the lint at the spot with this barely damp soap.
Once a thin film of soap has settled on the stain.
Rub gently. Be careful not to rub too hard if the fabric is delicate or the blanket is torn.
This method requires patience and a little elbow grease. You can let it rest a bit and return to the task several times in a row.
Once the task is gone. Wet a washcloth and rub the soapy area of ​​the plush without soaking the rest of the toy. Repeat the operation several times until you have removed all traces of soap.
However, this method will give your bear an odor of Marseille soap… but it’s bad for good, and quite harmless if your soap is natural.
** For Old Collection Bears or Old Fashioned Bears, it is good to know:
- If you want to make sure that parasites don't get on your collectible bear, quarantine it!
Why would it be infested?
1- Old collection bears are often stuffed with straw, especially wood straw, so parasites can settle and proliferate.
2- You have animals at home and they can bring back fleas, lice, ticks ... Not to mention the mites that are present in all homes.
This is why a toilet is necessary from time to time to ensure a long life and to protect your home from any pests!
Two solutions are available to you to clean them up:
1- 48 hours in the freezer!
2- Put it for 15 days in a mothball bag.
Here ! You have all the keys in hand for your Collector's Bear to have a long, healthy and clean life in your home!
It can be passed down from generation to generation with these simple instructions to maintain and take care of it!
Mme Pluquin Stéphanie wishes you long and beautiful adventures with your Unique Collection Bear!
Mascottissime Pitou, giant collectible bear
Mascottissime Pitou, giant collectible bear
Mascottissime Pitou, giant collectible bear
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