Doudou Bubble: novelty for baby's room decoration!


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  • Model:bulledoudoupioupiou
Doudou Bubble: novelty for baby's room decoration!

Original and unique, the soft toy bubbles will watch over your child's sleep by reassuring him night after night!
A unique and original birth or baptism gift!
Doudou Bubble Piou-Piou is created as follows:
Making a baby blanket in the shape of a chick holding her little brother and sister under its wings. Made of yellow, pink and blue fleece fabric.
Padded and placed on a cloud of synthetic wadding glued and decorated with ears of real wheat.
Positioned in a plastic ball for hanging.
The addition of plastic beads of different colors representing a rainbow of colors.
Finally, a natural cord is placed and glued at strategic points all around the ball.
Natural wooden balls decorate the ball and provide it with good support for its suspension.
Colored feathers bring softness to it!
Plastic screen: 20 cm
Hanging link: about 20 cm
The materials used:
fleece fabric
synthetic wadding
plastic beads
natural cord
wooden balls
universal glue
ears of wheat
The Piou-Piou blanket bubble is identical: Front / back!
Although Doudoudition uses child-friendly raw materials as much as possible, namely fabrics, glues and paints, they can nevertheless represent a danger for children. The Bulle à Doudou is not a toy.
** The suspension hook is not supplied.
** La Bulle à Doudou is a decoration. Under no circumstances should it be diverted from its primary use, namely to decorate a child's room. It should be hung high enough that baby or toddler cannot handle it. Doudouédition cannot be held responsible for any incident or accident caused by the doudou bubbles.
Doudou Bubble: novelty for baby's room decoration!
  • Model:bulledoudoupioupiou
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