Clown, blanket frame !


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The blanket is an essential life companion for children.

But what anguish when they lead him astray and don't want to sleep without him. Doudou-edition solves part of the problem by creating the Doudous Frames!
Indeed, the blanket frame does not leave your child's room. He can lay his eyes on him as soon as he feels the need and so let himself be carried in the arms of Morpheus for a good night's sleep and sweet dreams!
So here is “Doudou Clown Frame”!
Very soft fleece fabric for this clown with a smiling and friendly face.
Firmly fixed by upholstery nails on a canvas frame for an optimal lifespan.
Product Description:
Frame dimensions: 32 x 42 cm
Main material: Fleece fabrics of different colors sewn on a canvas-covered wooden frame + Fixings.
Hand-made creation: sewing, association, fixing…
Price: € 34.90
Doudou-edition only makes unique pieces, so your toddler will be the only one to have this Clown Doudou Frame!

Although Doudoudition uses child-friendly raw materials as much as possible, namely fabrics, glues and paints, they can nevertheless represent a danger for children. The blanket frame is not a toy.
** The suspension hook is not supplied.
** The blanket frame is a decoration. Under no circumstances should it be diverted from its primary use, namely to decorate a child's room.
It must be suspended high enough so that baby or toddler does not handle it.
Doudoudition cannot be held responsible for any incident or accident caused by the doudou frames.
Clown, blanket frame !
  • Model:cadredoudouclown
  • UPC/EAN:adredoudouclo