Mascottissime Pitou, giant collectible bear


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Product: Mascottissime Pitou
Dimensions: height 78 cm, Width from leg to leg: 78 cm, Circumference: about 115 cm
Raw materials: faux fur in various colors: yellow, red, light and dark brown, printed,
pale pink and patterned pink Minky fabrics, blue fleece, red and beige felt ...
Various padding: cardboard round to make it stable, padding wadding, fabrics cut into pieces
from the scraps of the realization and unused fabrics by doudoudition ...
Strongly sewn plastic animated eyes, (but beware of children, an accident can always happen and doudouissement
cannot be held responsible.)
- The book "Pitou and his magic seeds Volume 1: Africa" ​​is FREE with this mascot!
Bonus: this book is for coloring!

And here is the very first collection Bear entirely hand sewn: "Pitou and his magic seeds"
The very first "Mascottissime" created by Doudoudition
Pitou is the character of a book written and illustrated by Stéphanie Pluquin,
It comes with a certificate of authenticity and has its unique label sewn onto the base: Pitou P01-S01.
It is therefore an original, unique and copyrighted work.

The little story of Pitou:
Pitou is an alien living on the fantasy planet.
Its mission is to come to earth to make a census of its inhabitants
and make sure that they do not have anything threatening to him and his people who live peacefully.
During his first trip, the first volume of the series: "Pitou and his magic seeds, volume 1 Africa" ​​
he lands at random in the vast country of Africa and discovers lush nature there,
meets various animal species and meets Atouba, a young warrior from the lion tribe.
Discovering each other over the days and weeks, they will experience incredible adventures!
A real friendship will be born between his two characters so different and yet so similar ...

The little story of "Mascottissime":
Ms. Pluquin Stéphanie, the designer, was inspired by the attraction we have, young and old,
for mascots of events, games, cartoons ... which we are fond of!
Eager to offer families the possibility of having their own mascot, I created Mascottissime!
A large collector's bear, Mascottissime is a decorative object and in no way a toy.
Placed in a bedroom, a playroom or even in the living room, it will attract the eye and represent
the family you make!

Doudoudition goes further in the process. Sensitive to ecology, it allows you to create your mascot
with fabrics, fabrics, clothes, plaids ... which you no longer use and thus personalize your collection Bear!
You can find all the explanations on this approach on the "Manufacturer ... Mascottissime" page.
As well as maintenance tips for taking care of your collector's bear.

"Pitou" is a huge modern collectible bear that will find its place wherever you place it in your home!
Pitou having a bag of magic seeds in the book, a pouch is provided for your child to store his blanket and so find him in the evening when returning from nursery or school!

** Note: The name Mascottissime and all the creations attached to it have been legally deposited by
intellectual and artistic property. Any use or reproduction is strictly prohibited under penalty of
of legal and judicial proceedings in force.
You can send me an e-mail with your request for any information additional.
Mascottissime Pitou, giant collectible bear
  • Model:mascottissimepitou
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