3D squirrel wooden frame!


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  • Model:cadre3decureuil
Discover this magnificent 3D squirrel wooden frame!

Doudou-edition now offers decorative objects for the whole family, for all tastes, for all rooms at very affordable prices!
In addition, doudou-edition does not make unique pieces, so you will have the only copy available!
In natural wood, it is painted by hand and covered with varnish for a superb rendering and an optimal lifespan!
The 3D effect is given thanks to the squirrel which is glued to small wooden blocks for a guaranteed effect!
Both adults and children love animals, this 3D squirrel frame will bring a touch of softness wherever it is hung, it will attract the eyes of nature lovers!
Product Description:
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1.5 cm
Main material: wood
Hand-painted: Double coat of paints + double coat of varnish = optimal lifespan!
Price: € 34.90
3D squirrel wooden frame!
  • Model:cadre3decureuil
  • UPC/EAN:adre3decureui