The Singing Umbrella Book


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A 44-page book entirely illustrated in watercolor to provide children with maximum softness and comfort in reading and understanding! This work is an initiation to poetry. Intended for primary school children, the detailed and explanatory illustrations can be understood by the little ones.
But what does this book say?
It’s the story of an umbrella, owned by a little girl named Sophie. He only lives for and through the rain. In fact, when the sun is shining, it is nicely stored in the cupboard at the entrance of the house. But when she comes to pick him up, she put on her boots and oilskin, then he knows it's going to be a wonderful day for him! He's going to be out, accompanying his friend to school and meeting his friends!

This umbrella has the gift of making up songs and being able to sing them! So, while Sophie follows her lessons at school, he waits quietly with the others in the hallway, he chats with his friends and invents a song that they will all sing together, with the children, in the courtyard. recess!
This book is a delight for children, it is an approach to what poetry is: each page contains a paragraph of 4 rhymes and an illustration! At the end of the book, children will find a song to learn and share with their friends!
Maybe they will see their rain friend in a different way and can use their imaginations!
Langue : Français
Broché : 44 pages
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The Singing Umbrella Book
  • Model:Livreparapluie
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