Porcelain toothbox: “I keep your teeth”!


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  • Model:boitedentsourisviolette
Toothbox: I keep your teeth!
A very useful decoration for this little tooth box: I keep your teeth!
The loss of teeth in children is an important thing.
Marked by the passage “of the little mouse”, this small quenotte box will keep them very carefully and will not only contain the teeth but also the memories!
Doudou-edition only produces unique illustrated porcelain objects, your child will have the only copy!
Product Description :
Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 5 cm
Main material: porcelain
Hand painted: Double coat of paints + firing at 155 ° C = optimal lifespan!
Porcelain toothbox: “I keep your teeth”!
  • Model:boitedentsourisviolette
  • UPC/EAN:oitedentsouri