Book: Learn, understand and listen to your body to lose weight


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Learn, understand and listen to your body to lose weight at will and stay slim for life!

The author, Pluquin Stéphanie, steps out of her world of comfort by offering you here her dietary method to lose weight and stay slim.

She fought for over 20 years with her extra pounds. She has made many attempts, going from diet to diet, she has in fact, like most of you, made only mistakes, experienced frustration, damaged herself physically and mentally and did nothing but regain those hard-lost pounds with a few extra bonuses!

Knowing that many people are overweight, that their health is at stake but also their physical and mental well-being, she has, about 3 years ago, made her search for information by reading specialized books, scientific studies, specialized consultations with nutritionists and kept the best to condense it in this book and make it a method that really works!

Why does it work?

Simply because by understanding how the machine that is our body works, we manage to give it everything it needs to function while respecting its basic metabolism while reaping all the benefits: losing weight and staying slim. br> The key phrase of this book is: "regain and maintain control to lose weight and stay slim!"

You say to yourself, yes, but I have already tried so many things for such poor results. I know this feeling well, believe me! I've been on a diet since I was 14, I'm 42 today. Certainly my personal, professional life is different from yours and yet this book sweeps all that aside. I am not offering you a diet: NO! This word should be banned from our vocabulary!
Diet = restrictions! I am suggesting the opposite to you here!

A real food method that will allow you to eat EVERYTHING you want, yes yes EVERYTHING: pizza, hamburger, ice cream, cakes, ice creams ... Only one thing is necessary for that: to know your body and its needs to then make YOUR adapted method . This is my gift to you!

I offer it to you at a very low price to allow as many people as possible to change their life, their health and finally live fully without ever feeling frustrations as numerous as they are: people's gaze, finding clothes to suit their needs. waist, feeling guilty about eating a slice of pizza or an ice cream in a restaurant, fast food restaurant, terrace ... I have been through it all, I know exactly how you feel and I GUARANTEE you that you will never experience it again after reading , understood and adopted my food method.

21 days to change your life: Yes, it’s that easy!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! ** This Book is in FERNCH !
Book: Learn, understand and listen to your body to lose weight
  • Model:livremaigrir
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