Book Loula the firefly that does not shine


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Discover Loula’s life adventure!

Discover his little life through this fully illustrated book which recounts his adventures and his difficulty in being accepted by others because of his disability. Loula or how to talk about disability to children?

A kind, young firefly full of good intentions, Loula is not well accepted by others because she is different. Indeed, she does not shine which makes her an intruder, a handicapped in the eyes of her comrades.

After dark, when the others have no effort to shine, to light up in the dark to find their way, Loula does not shine despite her efforts to concentrate, she does not succeed. Disarmed, she sinks into sadness. Only her friend Alia pays no attention. Even though she is there for her friend, nothing helps Loula is sad and the other students keep reminding her that she is different…

One evening, she showed immense courage in helping the one by whom all the mockery started but that didn't change anything, she was desperately rejected ...

After a day of school, at recess, Loula is taken to task because of her disability. She will suffer ridicule and spite of rare violence. She decides to go isolate herself and not go back to school. Well sheltered in her tree, supported by her friend, her mom and the schoolteacher, she will discover herself and find that she has a magnificent talent!
This talent will be his escape, his lifeline!

Thanks to this donation, she will carve out a place for herself in her community and especially with her classmates and will gradually obtain the recognition and respect she deserves, just like everyone else!

But what is this talent? It's up to you to discover it through this story full of twists and turns and full of tenderness that will teach your child to be tolerant!

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Item weight: 381 g
Paperback: 122 pages
ISBN-13: 979-1097335014
Product dimensions: 21.59 x 0.74 x 27.94 cm
Publisher: Doudoudition Pluquin Stéphanie (May 1, 2017)
Language: French
A book entirely illustrated in watercolor!
Book Loula the firefly that does not shine
  • Model:livreloula
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