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Discover Anito the green donkey!
“Once upon a time, there was a village called Bonheur that was threatened with losing its name. Indeed, the inhabitants had fled to the surrounding towns, the school and the businesses had closed, leaving the inhabitants alone and abandoned to their fate ... One fine day, an appeal is launched to save the village. Many candidates come to discover this little haven of peace and settle there. Little by little, the village comes back to life and the new inhabitants bring with them their children of course, but also their trades, their animals and especially Anito, an exceptional donkey, who will become a major player in the new daily life of all this little one. world…"
New in the village:
The school is opening its doors again and businesses are multiplying for the well-being of all! The children are not lacking in ideas and imagination to make their village an example. Young and old will work together so that "Happiness" becomes the village that everyone dreams of living. Rather than taking the cars, Anito goes around the village and takes the children to school. Realizing that ecology is everyone's business, children will multiply the ecological actions that are within their reach!
Take a few days a month to maintain the village and pick up anything that may be lying around. Create a vegetable garden, collect rainwater at school ... They will even initiate the neighboring village to do the same with their cow "Fleurette" who will become Anito's friend over time.
Ecology is everyone's business! Each in our own way and with our means, however small, we can make our planet a little paradise. »
Author's Note: This book deals with several important topics such as desertification of villages, ecology and respect for all life. Children are naturally receptive and shareholders of good initiatives for the well-being of all. Let them express themselves and carry out projects that are close to their hearts, take us and show us again what life together means and show us the way because the future is theirs.
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Book Anito the ecological donkey
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