E-Book The Adventures of Loustik, Volume 3


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Continue to follow Loustik's adventures in this volume 3 which marks a turning point in the life of this adorable puppy: adolescence!

As with humans, adolescence is a turning point in dog life. The dog asserts itself, forges its character according to its education, its experience, its adventures and encounters.

The teachers must be heard and respected, it is not always easy to have to punish him but it is for his good. Just like a child, a dog needs a stable and fair living environment in order to understand and grow properly.

Loustik is going to know new things, meet new people, new animals too. This is the period when you have to make him discover as much as possible so that he does not develop fears that will later seem insurmountable to him.

Patience and accuracy are the key words of this period which will give everyone a hard time!

Humor is always part of the writing of this collection like no other.
Loustik will discover so many things, that he will have to be able to rely entirely on his Mamou and Papou to stay the course and become a balanced adult full of life!

The watercolors work wonders here again, the smallest budding readers can follow his adventures just by looking at the illustrations full of sweetness!

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E-Book The Adventures of Loustik, Volume 3
  • Model:ebookloustik3

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